You can create and maintain lists of items from the site for your convenience. Each list can contain items of various types (compositions, distinct movements, musicians, performances etc). This is a great way to navigate quickly to special items you are interested in.

The lists you create are private, and are accessible only by you, and only after you log into the site and identify yourself. In addition to the private lists, there are public lists that are accessible by everyone. In order to maintain your private lists, select "Show lists" from the main menu, and select "Enter list-management mode". When you are in the list-management mode, a special symbol addToList appears near every item in the detail-pages of the site (the pages of musicians, schools and compositions). Clicking on the symbol enables you to add that item to one of your lists. You can also create new private lists, delete existing lists and rearrange items in the lists.


Leaving the list-management mode is simple: select "show lists" from the main menu and select "Exit list-management mode".

If you want to enter the lists-page now, you can click here.